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Google AdWords (PPC) Campaign

Get New Customers with Google AdWords

Have you ever heard of Google AdWords? Do you have to use Google Adwords for your website? Google AdWords is the advertizing that you see on top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Perfect if you want to get new qualified prospects for your business and new customers on your website.  

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Generate Profits with Ads on the Search Network

Google AdWords is one of the most effective Marketing solution on the today’s market! With Google AdWords Ads, you can manage all the aspects of your ads campaign and get calculable tangible results. No other media can give you that much flexibility and concrete results!

Google AdWords for All Types of Budgets

With Google Adwords, you can decide your own budget for your ads campaign. You only pay when a web user clicks on your ad through the best related keywords for your business, product or service.

Doing Business With Us Will Pay Off

Given that we are member of the Google Partner affiliate program and AdWords certified, we can offer you support and help reach your Marketing objectives with your online ads campaigns;

  • Digital Strategy Planning and Managing for your niche market,  
  • Targeting the best audience through geo-location and your linguistics chooses,
  • We will analyze and optimize your campaign for the acquisition of new online prospects,
  • Setting the best budget for your financial resources,
  • Choosing the optimal keywords for your products or services,
  • Choosing the perfect CPC (cost-per-click) for your Ads,
  • Creating profitable Calls to Action that will lead your prospects through conversion,
  • Let’s work together! We call us anytime for technical support,
  • Each month, you will receive a complete and detailed Ads Performance Report.

Types of ads that we can do for you with Google AdWords

With Google AdWords, it’s also possible to make ads on the research network but also on whole Google Network. We offer optimized and improved solutions for your business online. Let’s skyrocket your business locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Google Search Network with Display Select
  • Google Search Network only
  • Google Display Network only
  • Google Shopping
  • Video / YouTube

How Exactly Does Google AdWords Work?

People frequently ask us; do we really need to pay to show our site in the search result pages (SERP)? You are already doing organic SEO for your business and you are asking yourself if you would need to create Ads with Google AdWords.

You probably already noticed that on Google, the site links with more visibility are the Google AdWords advertizing. In fact almost 90% of the visual field are occupied by AdWords Ads. On the contrary of organic SEO, paid ads can help you to be on the top of search result pages (SERP) more quickly. A quick visibility on targeted keywords for your business gives you a significant advantage!

Measurable and Profitable Ads!

Besides, your Return On Investment (ROI) will be easily measurable, contrarily the Organic SEO. It is also possible to geo-locate each and every campaign in your account. If you have a local business, you can target only the web users around your local town.

Google Adwords, Long Story Short!

Long story short, with Google AdWords you can display your ads to a specific target traffic to your business Website. We create ads campaign strategies with Google AdWords to get qualified traffic usually in the first months of your business website life. Paid Advertisement with Google AdWords is an effective solution if your goal is to sell your products or services.

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