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Email Marketing for Business

The creation of newsletters is an economical and powerful communication tool. It’s the perfect tool to help you build customer loyalty and acquire new ones.

Email Marketing allow you to communicate targeted messages to your clients ( current and future), about your new products and services, promotions, upcoming events and even information about the market.

In order to give a meaningful impact to your message, it’s important to define the objectives of the emails and the targeted audience.

Here a few advantages of using Email Marketing for your business:

  • Increased traffic for your targeted market
  • Increase of sales
  • Generating new clients
  • Low cost of communication
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Option of customizing your message

Our Email Marketing and newsletter services:

  • Creating graphic design and html integration
  • Writing content that recipients will read it, the message needs to be powerful and consistent with their expectations
  • Sending Test: we conduct test to ensure all recipients will be able to properly open their email, regardless of the email platform ( Outlook, Gmal, etc)
  • Sending emails

Email Marketing Statistics and Results

When sending out newsletters, it’s imperative that you measure the effectiveness of your campaign. This will allow you to make the all the necessary changes and optimize the content before sending out your next email.

We also provide you with reports, which include:

  • How many people opened your email and newsletter
  • The number of clicks
  • Number of people who unsubscription

Other Statistics

More statistics can provide you more insight on your readers. For example, its possible to learn their location, what email platform they are using, what device they use to read your email etc. All of this information is pertinent to ensuring you’re targeting the right people.

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