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User Experience (UX/UI)

Interface design working for users

The interface design plays an important part in all web applications. This type of design is focused on the anticipation of users needs and their actions, to ensure all the elements of the interface area easy to access. This include the visual design, interface design and information architecture.

For your interface to be functional and successful, it must answer the needs of the users. The design must provide the best usability for the software. Its must be intuitive when used and the design needs to recognize immediately the main elements. The navigation needs to be easy so people don’t get lost while browsing through the content. Its needs be as simple as possible.

UX Design (user experience)

The success of a website is largely attributed to the quality of visits. By analyzing precisely the time spend on a page, the number of pageviews, the bounce rate and other stats, we can see how the user got to your site, their navigation and if they were satisfied. The navigation needs to be intuitive and quick to use. The user should not get lost while navigating and should be able to find the information they need and access it rapidly.

Tonik Web Studio always takes the time to come up with the best design and navigation. Taking the places of the user, we strive to make the users experience enjoyable and unique.

To summarize, our Web expert place a lot of emphasis on three criteria before creating a user interface or a web site:

  • Usability: navigation must be intuitive, logical navigation, easy access to information
  • Information: the quality of the content and the information provided needs to meet the expectation of the visitors.
  • Design: nice graphics, must be readable and clear.

By following all these criteria’s, we can ensure the design of the interface will greatly improve the satisfaction of the users.

Tonik Web Studio created powerful application, meeting the needs of user and their technical abilities.

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