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Website Design

Website Design Ottawa

The design of your website is not just about creating something that is visually pleasing for the eyes of everyone. In this discipline, there exist number of constraints and standards you cannot forget during a website development, to ensure your site is compatible and optimized for search engines and web browsers.

We respect all the standards of the web. (w3c, seo, readability and web browser requirements).

The standards that were put in place by the W3C is always respected at Tonik Web Studios to ensure a website of superior quality. By respecting these standards, Internet users will be able to easily access all your web pages no matter which browser or device they are using.

Today, it’s imperative for all tsdfg sdf dsfg he websites to be compatible with all the main web browsers. We ensure that every web project we develop is of superior quality. For all of our projects we always take into consideration the targeted audidfg sdfg sdfg ence, the different screen sizes, the various soft wares, the quality of connection, and the operating system of the targeted users.

It’s imperative that your website is well read by search engines. This is why we incorporate all the necessary seo recommendations when developing projects.

By following all the respected standards, Tonik Web Studio web creation will be a long-term investment.

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Website Hosting

At Tonik Web Studio, when designing your website, we will host your site on our webs servers. You won’t need to spend hours on the web researching for web hosting services as we can provide you with secure website hosting.

Domaine name

www.domainename.com : the name of the domaine, a decisive choice!

Choosing your domain name for your website is an important part of setting up your website. Choosing the right domain can aide you with your SEO and being found easier online.

Tonik Web Studio will aide you in choosing the right domain name for your website. If required, we will do all the necessary redirects if you have multiple domain names.

Site maintenance and follow-ups

Once your site is up and running, we wont leave you hanging. We will assist you in maintaining your website.

Following the launch of your website, we are committed over a period of time to answering all your questions, telephone assistance and correcting any bugs or perfection. This period of time will be set in the mandate at the commencement of the project.

A website that does not change will lose its seo ranking over time and will see their traffic diminish. Thus, we propose in setting up a customized contact plan that is tailored to your budget and needs.

The following services are offered at the beginning of each project with Tonik Web Studio:

  1. Adding functionality
  2. Setting up a Web strategy: 
    • newsletters, 
    • link building, 
    • social media, 
    • and optimized content for seo.
  3. SEO rapport and analyzing your google analytics results
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. Creating campaigns for Google Analytics

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