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Collège St-Joseph

    Mandate Description

    Collège Saint-Joseph is a private Catholic girls’ secondary school in the Outaouais region. It is recognized as one of the top educational institutions in Quebec.

    Our mandate was to create a new website that inspires young girls from the Outaouais region to come and study at Collège Saint-Joseph. Not only did the website need to be user-friendly, but it also had to be easy to modify for the website administrator.

    Therefore, we have developed a user-friendly website, both in terms of information layout and its simplicity. This makes it easy for the user to find the information they came for. We have designed a website that is easy to modify, enabling the administrator to consistently update it and encourage prospective students to choose their school.

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    Collège Saint-Joseph aimed for a website that exudes prestige. Thus, we employed understated colors with accents of red, as red is a prominent color in the College’s identity.


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