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Les Menuiseries Lauriault

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    For over 40 years, Les Menuiseries Lauriault has excelled in the creation and installation of various wooden products, including stairs, railings, and moldings. Located in Gatineau, this company operates in both the Outaouais region and the Ottawa area.

    We undertook a complete overhaul of their previous website, transforming it into a more modern and user-friendly platform. The client’s goal was to have a website that is current and easy to navigate. In addition to revamping the web strategy, we also manage their social media presence. This involves showcasing their accomplishments, sharing important updates, and much more, all aimed at fostering customer loyalty.

    We’ve crafted a distinct website that strategically showcases each product and service, making it effortless for visitors to find the information they’re seeking. By incorporating numerous projects and photos onto Les Menuiseries Lauriault’s website, users can more intuitively explore the company’s offerings and subsequently request a quote. On the social media front, our consistent posting and management approach have been instrumental in cultivating customer loyalty, with satisfied clients regularly engaging with the showcased work.

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    For the design of the Les Menuiseries Lauriault website, we opted for a distinct approach while maintaining the brand’s signature colors of white and red. Instead of the traditional route, we chose to prominently feature their projects, as the essence of their work is the primary interest for website users.


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