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    Mandate Description

    Horticèdres is a family-owned business in the Gatineau/Ottawa region. Having always had a passion for horticulture, when the opportunity arose to purchase a field of cedars, they couldn’t help but jump at the chance. Horticèdres is thus a young company producing cedars in the Outaouais region.

    Since Horticèdres is a new company, the mandate was simple: create a simple logo and allow them to sell their cedars online according to type and size. This way, anyone interested in new cedars could contact them. The customer wanted a site that was easy to use and intuitive for the user.

    We created a simple e-commerce website that represents the company well. Indeed, when you arrive on the site, you don’t wonder what the company does. Everything is clear, and the various “calls to action” for buying cedars are put forward, so that the user knows right away that the website is a cedar online commerce.

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    For the logo, thanks to sketches provided by the customer, we were able to create a cedar field effect, which already depicts the company’s purpose. For the rest of the website, we decided to stay with the cedar theme, keeping the color green and integrating several cedar images and elements. With white as a complement and the few cedar graphic elements, the site gives a simple, uncluttered effect.


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