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Alexma Construction

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    Le Groupe Alexma Construction has been a key player in the custom home construction industry in the Outaouais region since the 2000s. The company specializes in residential construction, offering its expertise in both single-family homes and multi-unit buildings. Since their inception in the field, Le Groupe Alexma Construction has been providing their clientele with homes built according to “green” and environmental standards.

    Our task was to develop a new version of their website, transforming it into a more professional and “corporate” platform. The objective was to bestow a more luxurious appearance upon the company by incorporating numerous photos and arranging the information in a user-friendly manner.

    The website of Le Groupe Alexma Construction swiftly instills confidence through the homepage video that showcases the type of work the company provides to its clientele. It quickly becomes apparent that the company delivers top-quality work across all the services it offers.

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    For clients desiring a website that appears more elegant and luxurious, as was the case with Alexma Construction, black is the preferred choice. Indeed, by incorporating touches of the red from their logo, a contrast is created that crafts a sophisticated online experience.


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