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    Mandate Description

    Dynajet Aviation Solutions, located at Mirabel International Airport in the Montreal region, is a company that, since 2015, has specialized in the management of end-of-life aircraft mainly in North America and around the world, and in line maintenance for domestic and international flights at various Canadian airports.

    The mandate was clear: the client wanted a bilingual website that would enable it to stand out in a global market. Since Dynajet Aviation Solutions offers services that involve working with international companies, the customer wanted a simple, bilingual site where users could find information easily.

    We created a professional bilingual website, designed to be easily accessible to all users. Each element is carefully sized, accompanied by clear explanations and illustrated with informative images. Thanks to this intuitive approach, anyone visiting the site will find it easy to grasp the services offered by Dynajet Aviation Solutions.

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    For the design, we decided to go for blue and white, despite the fact that the customer’s logo is black and red. We wanted to use blue and white, colors that are often associated with the sky and clouds, which was a natural fit with aviation. We did, however, use red for accents on the website. Another thing that greatly added to the site’s design was the client’s photo bank. We were therefore able to add authentic photos to the website to add an even more unique effect.


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