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Pharmacien en ligne

    Mandate Description

    Pharmacien en ligne is a platform website offering complete online consultations with a pharmacist from the Jean-François Rochette inc. pharmacy team. With just a few clicks and easy steps, it’s possible to speak with a pharmacist and get advice.

    The customer came to us with a brilliant idea to offer his pharmacist services online. Offering services in high demand by the public. The goal was to create a simple website, with clear information. Customers wanted to be able to offer their services in just a few clicks. We were also asked to create a simple logo that explained clearly what was offered on the web page.

    We created an intuitive website that goes straight to the point, presenting around a dozen online services. This makes it easy for someone looking for a quick consultation with an online pharmacist. Just click on the service you’re interested in and follow the instructions.

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    The website is a simple page in shades of blue, a color often used in the healthcare field. The design is intuitive and clear, making it easy for users to find the information or service they’re looking for. As for the logo, we combined the “pharmacy” aspect and the “online” with the mouse.


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