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Groupe Plomberie M. Lemay

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    Groupe Plomberie M. Lemay is a company specialized in the field of residential, commercial, and emergency plumbing in the Outaouais region, offering a wide range of services including pipe unclogging and even radiant floor heating system installation. Their commitment lies in the emphasis the company places on adhering to sanitary standards.

    For Groupe Plomberie M. Lemay, the mandate was clear. We had to create a new website for them with a chic, corporate, and timeless look that was user-friendly, in addition to propelling them forward through digital campaigns. Through the visual aspect, we needed to showcase that the team of expert plumbers at Groupe Plomberie M. Lemay consists of highly renowned and experienced members.

    We designed a clean and minimalist website that instills trust, both in its web and mobile versions. We ensured to prominently display the 24/7 emergency number, making it easy to contact them swiftly for any plumbing-related emergencies. Additionally, we crafted Google Ads campaigns, enabling them to compete effectively in the Outaouais region.

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    Since the client aimed for a chic, timeless, and highly “corporate” website, we decided on neutral colors while incorporating their logo’s main color. These splashes of color on subtler tones add a more delicate and refined element. Moreover, as we selected black as the primary color, we have the option to reverse the logo’s colors to ensure it stands out well on the website.


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