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Soupe Populaire de Hull

    Mandate Description

    La Soupe Populaire de Hull is a community organization operating in the Outaouais region since 1974. Their mission is to welcome all individuals facing financial, social, or personal vulnerability, by providing them with the support and tools necessary to enhance their quality of life.

    Our task with La Soupe Populaire de Hull was to completely redesign their website and update the logo to make it more contemporary and vibrant. The goal of the redesign was to encourage the community to engage more with the website, whether by seeking assistance or offering help through volunteering or donations.

    Upon arriving at the website, it’s immediately apparent to distinguish the various call-to-action buttons that encourage seeking or offering assistance. The elements of the website are arranged in an efficient manner tailored to the typical user of La Soupe Populaire de Hull.

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    The design is a result of updating the logo and incorporating its vibrant colors. We’ve truly utilized each color from it, creating a welcoming and reassuring effect for everyone. The dynamic colors also provide a sense of hope to the user, as opposed to colder colors.


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