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Les Cuisines Joannis

    Les cuisines Joannis is a company that has been specializing in kitchens and bathrooms since 1991. This Gatineau-based family business is renowned for delivering unique, high-quality projects. Over the years, Les cuisines Joannis has developed the expertise to meet the diverse needs of its customers: kitchens, bathrooms, walk-in closets, living room furniture and more.

    Les cuisines Joannis has been a client of the Tonik Web Studio family for several years. In fact, our Yannick Web division had done their website back in 2013. So it’s easy to imagine that the website needed a makeover. So the mandate was simple: to bring the website up to date, both in terms of look and content.

    Tonik Web Studio has created an updated website that allows users to find the information they came for quickly. The new design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, offering an optimized user experience. What’s more, the site’s content has been updated to reflect Les Cuisines Joannis’ latest services and achievements. Thanks to this redesign, the company’s image has been modernized and it can continue to effectively attract its target clientele.

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    As part of the redesign, we integrated the company’s official colors, blue and yellow, into the new website design. We also modernized the logo, retaining its recognition and essence. Blue symbolizes confidence and professionalism, while yellow brings vitality and warmth. This combination creates a coherent and attractive visual identity that reinforces the Les Cuisines Joannis brand image.


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