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Solution Massage

    Mandate Description

    Solution Massage is a Gatineau-based company in the Outaouais region, offering both therapeutic and relaxation massage services. Their team of around ten specialists also provides a range of body treatments.

    Solution Massage’s request was straightforward: they needed a more modern website that conveyed trust and the human aspect of self-care. The company also wanted to streamline the online appointment booking process for users, making it more user-friendly.

    The website designed for Solution Massage stands out with its clean and natural style. As soon as users land on the site, they are immediately soothed by what they see. It’s also effortless for everyone to book appointments, thanks to the numerous dedicated buttons and the online appointment scheduling platform.

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    We took into consideration the natural aspect of the logo, represented by its green color and the leaf it contains. As a result, the homepage and the “Massage” section feature shades of green, while all other pages have their distinct color schemes, making each section truly unique.


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