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Municipalité de Chelsea

    Mandate Description

    The official website of the Municipality of Chelsea serves as a centralized portal providing information about municipal services, news, events, and local projects. This interactive platform is designed for residents and visitors looking to learn more about the Municipality of Chelsea. It offers numerous valuable resources for those interested in the municipality.

    The mandate received was about modernizing and updating the website while emphasizing user-friendly search functionality. The goal was to make navigation intuitive and user-friendly, enhancing the overall user experience.

    The Municipality of Chelsea’s website has now become a comprehensive platform, featuring numerous tabs and a wealth of documentation. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for thanks to the integration of a search tool. Additionally, a readily accessible calendar has been added to quickly check local events.

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    The site is well-organized with the addition of clear and simple icons that make user navigation easy. A high-quality image with a vibrant green color saturation complements the blue and red hues of the respective Chelsea Municipality logo beautifully.


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