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Impôt Québec Tax

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    Impôt Québec Tax specializes in tax preparation for individuals and small businesses, aiming to save time and money for their clients. With 45 years of experience, this company leverages the latest technologies to simplify the tax process. With a secure system for online document exchange and their expertise, you can maximize your refunds by identifying all applicable deductions.

    The goal of creating a new website was to inform users about the services offered by Impôt Québec Tax so that they could avail themselves of these services. It was necessary to create a professional and clean website where it was super easy to find the desired information and inspire professionalism among the clientele.

    We have created a simple and professional website that instills trust. The goal is to promote a quality service and encourage customers to reach out to use their services. Therefore, there are multiple calls to action to make it easy for any user to get in touch with the company when needed.

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    The design was originally conceived to create a professional and chic effect, so the website’s design was initially dark and black. It was only after presenting it to the client that we concluded that the best approach was to go for lighter, softer, and cleaner shades, which is where the idea of blue and white came in. Impôt Québec Tax’s website is, therefore, chic and professional while being easy on the eyes.


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